Univisor -Bombero - UNV340 - Univisor

Univisor -Bombero - UNV340 - Univisor

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Product details

The Univisor was also recognised as a unique and simple identification product for unmarked vehicles on official duty, receiving its first major endorsement with the London Metropolitan Police Force in 1997 for use by the Flying Squad unmarked vehicles and is now widely recognised and used by organisations worldwide. The Univisor is now widely recognised and used by Police Forces, Emergency Services, Government Agencies and Organisations World Wide.

Key Features of The Univisor

  • Visible day and night
  • Simple and effective - just slide it over the existing vehicle sun-visor
  • Easy - there’s no fixing, brackets, straps or sticking and is easily removed with not in use
  • Unique design fits most vehicles
  • The Univisor is the winner of DTI SMART Award for Design Innovation and Technology
  • Tested to International DIN Standard for in-car items
  • Recyclable, UV Stable & Shatterproof